Lexical Beautification Badi' in Sami Audal's Poem

A Descriptive and Analytical Study


This study considers lexical decoration (badi') which is a very significant topic in the field of the Kurdish literature. It attempts to introduce the concept and the definition of decoration, illustrates its significance, and determines its roles and influences in poems. There are many factors behind selecting this topic, but the most encouraging points are the importance of the topic, the higher competence that the poet is recognized by in the use of decoration through specific figures of speech in his own poems, and the lack of available literature on such a topic. This study draws on both descriptive and analytical methods. It comprises two chapters. The first chapter is devoted to the theoretical background which consists of three sections that cover concept of decoration and its importance in literature, the History of the Concept of Rhetoric, and Lexical Decoration. Chapter two comprehensively covers the types of Rhetorical Decoration, and their values and reflections in Sami Awdal's poem. It consists of three sections: the first emphasizes Alliteration, Referencing, and Rhyme in Awdals' poems, the second considers Partitioning, Anaphora and Epiphora, and the third broadly discusses the beauty of double Rhyme and mixed technique. The paper ends with a list of references, abstract in Arabic and English.


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Author Biography

Rzgar U. Fattah, Department of Basic Education, Faculty of Education, Koya University, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

He was born on 1/7/1972 in Koya. He is Asst. Prof. with MA degree in Kurdish literature. He work as a lecturer at Kurdish Department, Faculty of Basic Education, Koya University. He attended and participated in many conferences and academic gatherings. He's general specialization is on Kurdish Literature and He's specific specialization is on Literary Approaches.


په‌ خشان عه‌ لی ئه‌ حمه‌د ، 2007 ، شێوازی شیعری گۆران ، نامه‌ ی ماسته‌ر ، كۆلیژی زمان ، زانكۆی كۆیه . ‌جواد حه‌مه‌د به‌ گ ،2015 ، به‌شێكی تر له‌ شیعره‌كانی سامی عه‌وداڵ،چ 1 ،چاپخانه‌ی په‌ نجه‌ره‌ ، سلێمانی .
سافیه‌ محه‌مه‌د ئه‌حمه‌د ، 2004 ، شێوازی شیعریه‌ كوردیه‌كانی پیربال مه‌حمود ،چاپخانه‌ی ڕؤژهه‌ڵات ، هه‌ ولێر .
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عه‌ لائه‌ دین سجادی ،1978 ،خۆشخوانی ، چاپخانه‌ی( دار الوطنية ) ، به‌ غدا .
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كه‌مال مه‌عروف ، 2010 ،سامی عه‌وداڵ ، چاپخانه‌ی كارۆ ، سلێمانی .
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مه‌ لا عه‌ بدولكه‌ریمی موده‌رس ، 1991 ، به‌دیع و عه‌روزی نامه‌ ، چاپخانه‌ی(دارالجاحظ )، به‌ غدا ،
موحسین ئه‌حمه‌د مسته‌ فا ، 2003 ، به‌ هاری ڕه‌وانبیژی ، چ1 ، چاپخانه‌ی نارین هه‌ ولێر .
هه‌ژار فه‌قێ سلیمان ، 2014 ، ڕونبێژی له‌ شیعری مه‌حوی دا، ده‌زگای چاپ و په‌ خشی سه‌رده‌م ،چ1 ، سلێمانی.
هه‌ژار موكریانی، 1369 هتاوی، هه‌نبانه‌ بۆرینه‌، فه‌رهه‌نگی كوردی فارسی ،چاپی یه‌كه‌م ،تاران .
ئیدریس عه‌ بدوڵا ، 2007 ،هه‌ ندی هونه‌ری جوانكاری له‌ شیعری پیره‌مێردا . كۆواری كۆڕی زانیاری كوردستان
ئیدریس عه‌ بدوڵا، 2003، جوانكاری له‌ ئه‌ده‌بی كوردیدا، چاپ په‌ خشی سه‌رده‌م ، سلیمانی
ئیدریس عه‌ بدوڵا، 2012 ، جوانكاری شیعری نوێی كوردی ،چ1 ، چاپخانه‌ ی هێڤی ، هه‌ولێر. ئاسۆ عومه‌ر مسته‌ فا ،2009 ، به‌ ها ئیستاتیكیه‌ كانی شیعر... ،چ 1، چاپخانه‌ی دهۆك .
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